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Supergirl #28 Variant Edition Signed (PRE-ORDER 3/13/19 RELEASE DATE)

Supergirl #28 Variant Edition Signed (PRE-ORDER 3/13/19 RELEASE DATE)

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This standard release variant is only available in the signed option featuring Artgerm's signature. 

Shipping Note:  This is  a pre-order with a release date of 3/13/2019. Signed copies of this book have an estimated ship date of April, 1 2019. Please allow an additional  8-12 weeks for graded copies.


(W) Marc Andreyko (A) Eduardo Pansica (CA) Stanley Lau
Supergirl and the Omega Men versus...Supergirls?! The Omega Men's secret base of operations is attacked by the Citadel, who brought with them an entire army of Supergirls who all don't seem to be built quite right. With Supergirl fighting multiple versions of herself, it proves the old saying  "You are your own worst enemy."